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Everything is Unique

1798 Nova Constellatio Pattern Quint, Type Two

One of the reasons I love working at Heritage Auctions is that everything we sell is unique. I still get chills holding relics that have been to the moon, or were in the booth with Lincoln when he was assassinated, or were the items used/worn during one of the greatest moments in sports history.

These things enchant me. And my job is to enchant the rest of the world with them by making them as real and accessible as possible by leveraging the power of technology. What Google Earth does for the earth, my team does for fine art, historical artifacts, and a wide range of collectibles – we let clients explore and experience; zoom in on the finest details; tag things to visit later; be free to roam where you will, when you will, on the journeys you create.

When everything you offer for sale/auction is unique, you have your own set of challenges. There are no widgets. Every item must be obtained, transported, secured, carefully handled, photographed, described, displayed, and shipped intact to an excited new owner.

This reminds me that every person is unique. Every client on the outside of our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, is unique, and I and my colleagues must treat them as such. Within our “big data” are the unique footprints left by a customer as intrigued as I by artifacts of history, collecting, and art. In those footprints and in their moccasins I must walk.

Every employee under my care is unique with a unique story and deserves individual attention, assessment, and gratitude. Each one deserves leadership that makes sense to his or her unique perspective. I owe them that. I owe them my job, because they are the reason I have one.

When you recognize that everything and everyone is unique and focus on the things that make them unique, enchantment replaces routine;  vibrancy replaces drudgery; living replaces enduring – for both you and those who work with you.

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